Pangsapuri Seri Pinang

Seri Kembangan, Selangor.


April 29, 2014



May 21, 2011

I'm an IT professional in my early 30's and has been staying at Pangsapuri Seri Pinang for a few years. Before investing in any apartment/condo, one of the key criteria to look at is the quality of the management. IMHO this is one of the best managed medium-density apartment block around the Seri Kembangan/Serdang area. The finance of Seri Pinang is in a good shape, and the management has been shown to be proactive and constantly looking for ways to improve SP. Besides that, the rental value is good with UPM students and Cyberjaya professionals being some of the regular tenants. The only thing lacking is an efficient public transport (the nearest bus stop is around 5 minutes walk) and parking space within the apartment is limited usually to only 1 per apartment. On the plus side, there are a lot of eateries and shops within walking distance, while you can always drive down (5 minutes) to Seri Kembangan town or Putra Permai/Equine Park where you'll find Jusco and Giant and other shops.

Office Executive

January 05, 2011

I am working in software development industry for 11 years in KL. I have spent about 3 months in surveying and shopping the condo / apartment (with the right location of course) for me to own one. Finally, I have chosen Seri Pinang apartment. I like the pratical and spacious design, most importantly, I been renting and staying in one of the unit of this apartment 3 years back while it first developed, and so far, I am very satisfy with the security and people living arround me. The 2 groups of residences here are A.) Family = 70%; B.) Student = 30%;

In terms of location wise, it is in the south of Klang Valley, nearer to Puchong, Cyberjaya and PutraJaya, and I found it convenient to KL acity as I can take either MEX or Sg Besi highways (these are main ones).

This apartment also near to University Putra Malaysia, and there are a lot of student renting this apartment. I came from other state of Malaysia, and am expecting to be able to collect good rental if I would to rent it out if I am back to my hometown.

In terms of ammenties:

Shopping : Jusco Equine Park; Mines Shopping Centre; Giant, South City Plaza;

Mini market, shops: You can get everything you need here.

Food: You can get the best chienes foods here with affortable price (in deed, is cheap).