Indah Damansara

Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.


December 30, 2014

We have stayed in this condo for more than 4 years. It is one of the best places we have found - it's private (no problem with overcrowding), it's strategically located with easy access to the city and PJ, and the condo management team is courteous and pleasant. The security in the condo is tight. We would highly recommend this condo for mid to long term stay. 


August 22, 2011

This place ranks 110% for location as it is extremely central within Klang Valley. There are also only a few units thus it is private.

All this for only about RM 500 per sqft makes this an excellent bargain considering prevailing prices of other condos located in less convinient locations. I have stayed in this condo for the last 3 years and would recommend it to new tenants or buyers looking for a good place to stay.

Wang Shi

November 19, 2010

We stayed in this condo for more than 5 years, partially for the high level of security, partially because of its very central location. The rooms (especially the corner units) are very spacious. One side of the building has a great over Kenny Hills with the KL skyline in the distance. The other side is overlooking the hills of Bukit Damansara with the Mont Kiara skyline in the distance. The building is well maintained and is up for a new coat of paint in 2011. Overall verdict. Exclusive, central, very high security for a reasonable price (compared to the multi million ringgit projects/houses in Damansara Heights).